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Online Word Counter Tool | Count Words & Characters for Free

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About Word Counter

Word counter is an efficient tool that is used to track the word count. Many people in the content marketing industry use online word counter tools to know the word count of their Blog, website content, or essay. While writing content on Word or Notepad they are unable to calculate the word count of their content, so they use a free word counter tool to know the length of their content.

What is the Word Counter Tool?

A word counter tool is a web application designed to help the author, content marketer, and website owner to measure the length of their content. This tool is designed with simplicity of mind to be easily accessible by the users.

Imagine, how can it be challenging to count the words, characters manually if you write the content on Notepad or other writing tools which don’t tell you the count of your words.

How to use Word Counter Tool?

This free Word counter tool is straightforward to use. You just need to copy the content from where you have written and paste your content in the box, or you can write your full content here and finally submit. You will get insight into your content length, including word counts and character length.

Mainly this tool helps content writers who need to deliver the content with a certain length of content. This tool helps them to keep track of counts of their words and characters to end the content with the assigned range.