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About Keyword Position Checker

This free Google keyword position checker is a great tool to track your keyword ranking on Google and Yahoo SERP. You can save more time by using it. The Keyword Position Analyzer is helping bloggers and SEOs around the world with their amazing features of tracking keywords Like our other tools Robots.txt generator and XML sitemap generator. We have designed this tool to help digital marketers saving their time and efforts.

Why is Google keyword position finder is helpful?

I have seen a lot of SEOs track keywords manually. What do they do? Do a Google search using the keyword they want to track and find their domain by clicking on so many next pages. By doing so, you also know that it takes more time and effort. So what fantastic feature is in this Google keyword position finder tool. You don't need to perform a Google search, go to this tool. Just put your keywords and URL in the box up to 10 and find the result instantly.

How to use the Keyword Position Checker?

The keyword position checker or finder tool is extremely easy to use. Just follow these simple four steps to complete this process.

Step 1. Just enter the URL at the top of the URL box

Step 2. Then enter your keywords up to 10 in the keyword box

Step 3. Select the position up to your needs and.

Step 4. Finally, click on the "find the keyword position." 

What next? Just wait and let the keyword position checker find your keywords, and then you will get the result. Isn't is it super easy? Yes, this is.

Cheer! Just enjoy the power Google keyword position checker tool and share this with your colleagues and friends.